Should I play Rocket League with a controller or keyboard

Yes. You should play Rocket League with a controller. Certainly a controller. Rocket League doesn’t require precise mouse movements because the sticks are considerably more effective for movement, and you wouldn’t even need a mouse if you were using a keyboard and mouse.

because it offers much greater precision than a keyboard and mouse. Additionally, learning the controls on a gamepad rather than a keyboard and mouse arrangement takes less time.

Should I play Rocket League with a controller
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Do you prefer Keyboard over Controller for Rocket League?

For Rocket League, I choose kb/m over a controller. This is due to the fact that the majority of the games I’ve played require a keyboard, and keyboard movements are more rigid. You are completely certain of your intended destination and course of action. Don’t believe those who claim that a controller is superior. Without it, I am just as capable as they are. All you have to do is learn how to do various mechanics differently.

Rocket League controller or keyboard ?

In most games, operating cars is better suited to controllers. This is because controllers enable smoother movement and camera accuracy and movement are less crucial. With a controller, you can turn slightly by moving the left stick; on a keyboard, you can turn more subtly by tapping and releasing while either turning fully with a key press or not at all.

Which is better, a keyboard and mouse or a controller?

I see the traditional keyboard and mouse vs. controller argument in that way. various tools for various tasks. I wouldn’t be caught using a controller in a game of first-person shooters while my competitors were using a keyboard and mouse. When it comes to quick, accurate aiming, the mouse just outperforms a controller.

After all, the mouse, the device used to move around a desktop, IS made to be swift and accurate. A keyboard excels in any game that requires quick macro access or a large number of inputs. Real Time Strategy or MOBAs, for example. Over 100 buttons make up a keyboard. An average controller has 20.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t even consider using a keyboard and mouse if I were playing a competitive fighting game. When it comes to this environment, controllers excel. They also excel in third person action games where you just have to handle one character with a small number of movements.

Do you prefer Keyboard over Controller for Rocket League?

Credit: Epic Games

Where you plan to game is another issue. On the couch, a controller is simpler to operate than a keyboard and mouse. Before you start telling me about your guy who is the best at Street Fighter V and how he plays with a keyboard, just stop. Just as it’s possible to become quite proficient at first-person shooters with a controller, I’m not attempting to imply that playing fighting games on a keyboard is impossible. In keeping with my initial analogy, a screwdriver handle can be used to drive a nail. You might even become proficient at it, but it doesn’t change the fact that a hammer was made specifically to handle that task.

Best Rocket League Controller or Keyboard

I was watching one of the championship games and saw that the players were using keyboard & mouse, and was a little surprised as I personally find controller to be a bit better particularly for steering. How common is it to use keyboard & mouse? Is it 50-50 among PC players? Most players use Controller. I wish I had stuck with it personally. Both have benefits.

I play KBM and I have met very few players that play KBM. By and large the vast majority or players/ GOOD players play on controller because many SARP veterans came from ps3 and many of the future great rocket league players switched from ps4. I personally think it’s delusion that controller is BETTER than KBM but there are certainly pros and cons to each way of playing. Consider this, how many times have you gotten scored on and heard a controller player say “my cable got unplugged” vs a KBM player saying “my keyboard got disconnected”. The amount of games I have lost because of somebody’s controller malfunctions is pretty infuriating. Even in a Pro level game Sad Junior’s controller malfunctioned and he played the rest of a game on a keyboard lol.

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