How Google Pay Makes Money – Get Every Details

So you’re the owner or a member of an e-commerce business. You want to find out how your small business can get paid by Google Pay, so you enroll for Payee to Google program and start receiving payouts in real time, right away. And there’s one thing we need to talk about first…


How Does Google Pay Make Real Cash Flow?

Google Pay is now able to send money directly from your merchants account every time somebody buys something on their site. It doesn’t matter if you sell on WooCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento or any other platform. In fact, all it really matters is that they made a purchase.

The payment method available will be whatever your merchant chooses to accept, which can be PayPal (though not all merchants choose to use this option), Skrill, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, etc. If that’s what your customers are already using then they’ll have no problem with those options.

We know that we mentioned some examples of businesses accepting payments before. There are more than 100 million businesses worldwide and many others who are just starting to accept it as well. A little further down the line of course, most big businesses are going to offer cash back/discounts/freebies, but that’s beyond our scope here.

That’s why we’re focusing on the main part of the story: The money! We will discuss exactly how does google pay make real cash flow, and we’ll look at the factors that help make sure your revenue is being paid accurately. By doing so, you don’t only make your money go faster, but also that your customer’s don’t have to wait too long to receive your funds; they’ll actually receive these funds within minutes of their order, right to the bank account they hold. Here…

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

How Google Pay Makes Money

First things first. No, you don’t need to wait more than 10 minutes to earn the $5 bonus or more. This depends solely on the size of your orders and whether your shipping zone is located outside Europe, like us in England. Our processing times can vary widely but generally it takes 30 seconds to process. For example, some products take 1 to 2 weeks to ship internationally, while others may take longer. Let us show you how fast it can go:

If you buy something online after Friday, you might need another day to receive your payout depending on where the sale was made. Otherwise, you should expect a payout in 24 hours or less. Afterward, you have the choice to either return or exchange your item for free with Google Drive. However, if you want to continue shopping anyway, you can return the item without penalty, or even choose not to exchange.

Depending on the condition you bought it in anyway and whether you were satisfied with the item once returned, you might be eligible for up to 50% off your next transaction again. Just remember: Only items that are not defective, damaged or sent to wrong address can be exchanged. I am referring to returns and exchanges in general, not including third party sellers who often sell faulty goods. When it comes to refunds, you will be subject to refund delays.

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Some major stores have had problems with refunds, like Sephora and Macy’s. They have been delaying refund processing for over 100 days. As for exchanges, you can usually do them immediately after purchase, just remember that some products take days to come to market. Again, the list varies significantly from store to store.

The quick fix for you is always to check in advance with your local branch. Even if it’s possible to receive refunds in 3 to 5 weeks, it rarely happens in practice. It’s best to avoid waiting for your money as much as possible. This depends on your particular niche. At least, that’s the advice you should follow on average. I’m sorry, but if you still want to wait, you can start earning cash early.

I am talking about signup bonuses which vary from store to retailer. One such example is the E-Bay seller incentive program. Each month, new users will qualify for 15% off their entire cart price.

All users must register for an account before starting this promotion.

Then they have three options:

  • Register,
  • Use Bonus code and
  • Sign Up today.

Once registered, you already have a minimum deposit and have access to exclusive offers from the eBay team. On top of that, you will enjoy instant deposits from credit cards (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Amex, Discover and Maestro). More sales will automatically add to your balance and reward you with the referral bonus.

Your commission rate is 0.75%, so that means you get a 25% discount with each recurring sale you refer. Withdraw from the Amazon Seller Central store and repeat the steps above. Earnings will take only 48 hours, that’s half a year at Walmart. While selling through Rakuten, all transactions are processed instantly through its mobile app.

Once you become a leader in terms of product category, your earnings increase drastically. I am talking about thousands of dollars per month and millions of dollars in cumulative earnings per year. Not bad for someone who has never shopped around the website before 😉

How Much Can People Receive From Their Orders? What Kind Of Discounts Are Available?

Well, everyone knows that Google Pay lets anyone who checks their email with their order confirmation. But the way it works is quite complex. First of all, when they click “Buy Now” at checkout page they see a popup box that asks the user to enter personal information.

Every detail provided will be taken into consideration including age, gender, location and other details in case they decide to refuse the order. After clicking “Buy Now”, the payment data is stored in your phone number and the name of the vendor, together with his/her account type, contact details, description and date of birth. Next step is entering a card or banking link that they own.

Finally, enter the amount of money ordered and hit Submit. If they do so the browser sends SMS with order details to the receiver’s email account. It is important to note that the sender will receive the message. After the recipient opens the message, he/she has two options: Accept the order via text or call. Unfortunately, neither one of these are good enough here. Also, the ordering system supports voice order and emails cannot be used to place orders. That said, you can send a fax to the desired locations to cancel the order.

After receiving the confirmation code, you receive the full invoice with all relevant details and the amount billed. When asked for it, you will either enter your username, password or key card number that will grant the admin access to your Google Pay account. Or else, enter your Gmail address and password as well for easier security.

Both options are safe and secure as they are encrypted with strong passwords. This encryption protects the user’s accounts with sensitive data including financial statements and sensitive documents. However, the following section will answer one question: How and Why is Google Pay Providing Quick Delivery Options For Merchants?

Quick Delivery — What Do You Mean?

Okay, the short explanation: When the user makes an agreement to your delivery service in person and signs it, Google delivers the order with no extra cost to you. You only need to connect to your preferred courier service provider and set the desired fee.

If there is a delay in the shipment or any issues get in the way of successful deliveries, your client has the opportunity to cancel the delivery, as soon as he/she receives the confirmation. In addition to the immediate delivery of items that he/she ordered, you always have a chance to change the package size or color if your supplier requires it.

Payment Protection Program — Where Is Its Availability?

When someone places an order, a notification appears in Google Messages indicating their estimated delivery date. Before sending the notification, the user enters their billing address, shipping address and city. Additionally, he/she will be given additional instructions on possible alternatives to pay for expedited shipping. Users can contact and pay at a later date via chat or simply selecting an alternative payment channel.

With this feature, your clients get protection of up to 60% against late deliveries, which means no delivery fees, extended delivery times and more comfort during order fulfillment.

You also have the ability to track the delivery status at all times via your dashboard, providing timely alerts and tracking progress at the touch of a button.

Now that you understand a bit more about payment methods with Google Pay, let’s move on to the crucial parts — How Do Merchants Know Which Payment Method Will Be Most Appropriate For Them?

Merchant Account Guidelines — Important Details

Before signing up for Google Pay to Google program, you must know what kind of company you are opening for yourself. In most cases, you will create a custom domain for your website. According to this rule, it will be necessary to have a separate entity account to manage all the associated data. You also need to keep in mind that if you choose to open a brick-and-mortar shop with your company, you will also need a separate entity account for managing your inventory and finances.

It is essential to be aware that once opened, both your entity account and your Google account will be linked. So, your Facebook account will also be considered a single individual. Moreover, once started, there will be different Google services attached to each. This includes ads management, storage of user preferences, analytics, etc.

For instance, to manage ad data you will need to follow the same rules of maintaining data, such as having multiple ad identifiers. If you are an affiliate marketing merchant, you can