What is Google Camera and How to Install GCAM in Android

About this page: The Google camera app has been a key part of the Android user experience since its initial launch in 2012. It is one of the most popular applications on any phone, and even more so than Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat or YouTube. Now that it’s become an integral component of nearly all phones, how would you install it? This guide will explain everything you need to know about installing the latest version of Google’s mobile camera application.

How to get the latest version on your smartphone There are two ways of installing the newest version of Google’s smart mobile camera on Android devices: You can use official developer updates, or if you want the best results possible, using third-party software. If you have the OS version 11.1 or higher in your device, Google recommends upgrading your camera app via the official Google Play Store.

Follow these steps to download the new version of the Google Camera.

  • Go to “In-App” > “Download & Install.”
  • Choose the type of update to install, which depends on your current camera version and operating system.
  • Select “Camera Update.”
  • Open the downloaded file to proceed with installation.
  • Once installed, open the Camera app in order to start taking photos, videos, selfies or more.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to view your photo library, choose a picture as your starting point and shoot video directly from anywhere on your phone.
  • Note that after opening the Gallery. Now you’re ready to work on what’s next!
  • See what other apps you can add to your Device Manager, like your favorite games and social media accounts.
  • Use the full power of the Camera app to capture more incredible moments and let them live forever on your smartphone screen, where they’ll always stay available for viewing.
  • With just a few taps, you can play music straight from within the app, and share your pictures with your friends back home instantly!

The best way to upgrade Google Camera for users who own older versions There are several different ways of upgrading older versions of Google Camera to newer ones, but we’ve chosen the easiest one to cover here. The first thing is to just head over to Google’s Download page and select from there which model of device you’re interested in.

Google now offers three models for its flagship smartphones, namely Pixel Alpha/Max, Pixel (2nd Generation), Moto Razr 5G and Motorola Edge. These three models come with preinstalled Google Camera versions, meaning you don’t need to do anything special if you own their respective hardware. We’re going to cover only Pixel (2nd Generation) because, well, it’s our favorite piece that comes alongside the rest, isn’t it?

For starters, make sure your model of choice already has Google Camera installed by heading into Settings > Camera. On this screen, go on to Manage your Camera. Next, tap on “Upgrade Your Phone.” Here, you should see “Pixel Camera Version” listed under that section. Clicking on it will immediately show you which version(s) of camera you need to upgrade and then continue by tapping on Upgrade.

When you’ve completed the process on your own, wait for the option “Upgrade” to appear on the list again. After that, simply restart your phone and confirm that your camera package is up-to-date. As soon as you’re done doing so, install that particular camera on top of whatever you’re currently using. Doing so will automatically update all existing cameras on your device, including those from previous generations too, so keep them updated!

Google Camera tutorial step-by-step guide I’m not saying this is easy to follow, but once you get the hang of things it won’t feel like a big deal. First, launch Google Camera in the background and take some nice photos. From here, you can click through some tutorials, read some articles about photography, and watch videos dedicated entirely to mastering Google Camera.

Keep scrolling down to find out all about shooting high-quality images with the main focus being learning to better understand composition. Then, there’s another useful tip, to try out different lighting effects to get your shots looking better. Before you get excited, keep in mind that Google doesn’t give credit to anyone for making the photos in this post. So, when you finally buy the stuff to begin using Google, ensure yours are free! Don’t worry though; you can still learn from others to improve your skills and enjoy capturing those stunning images!