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How do I get to know my way around a game? Let’s find out! Here is how to use our own characters in the Square Enix JRPG. This article will cover all the steps required for this final fantasy xvi online pc game but if you prefer an easier route, then simply follow these instructions to go into this game from start to finish. The character I have chosen for this article is Sephiroth. He’s not only the main character, he also controls everyone else’s party members and the protagonist of the story. This has been made especially easy by using his unique personality and the different skills available to him. You’ll learn how to talk to your teammates, deal with bosses and other enemies without being too cocky, and save up your resources by battling as many monsters as possible. So let’s get started.

What Is This Video About: First things first, it is important that you know about previous games in order to understand what you are doing here. In addition, when setting up your system, make sure you update your antivirus software. Also check out out my video above for more information on various settings. Once you’ve got everything running smoothly, we will set up the game. When starting up the game, click either play or pause button. Play is where a new world opens up, while Pause lets you rest. Continue reading below to learn some tips for getting started.

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If you do not want to lose progress, please be patient. If you notice something wrong then try changing it or restarting the game. Be prepared as there will always be glitches in any RPG. Keep checking back as I am constantly updating this article. And remember, if you leave negative comments, then most likely the developers don’t give me credit for posting them and they just delete them anyway.

I am going to break down every step into four parts so that you can comprehend each part independently. But if you wish to follow along, feel free to jump ahead.

1. Set Up Your Character & Equipment

The first thing I would say is that this step is essential as it allows players to begin exploring and discovering the area, which is pretty much like training but for battle. In terms of equipment and items; you need three main items, one weapon (a crossbow), two pieces of armor including helmets, and six weapons including swords.

It doesn’t matter if you want to go into combat early, because once you enter combat, then you have to buy additional gear. For example, if your team member is knocked out during combat, then you do not need to spend extra money on replacing their HP meter to survive. You can spend 5,000 LONA to purchase all stats for the character. Of course, you still must pay regular cost for fighting, and this is why you need to replenish your supplies often. I will explain these items later, but let’s keep it simple for now. So please think before adding any item to your inventory. There are seven types of items that you can add to your inventory; weapons, armor, accessories, items that help boost stamina, special power boosting potions in both healing and attack points, and magic rings. All the basic ones mentioned earlier cost 500LONA, and most of them are useful and very effective for improving your performance at certain times. There’s really no difference between the amount of cash needed for each type of item. If you want something more powerful than that, then I highly recommend buying its corresponding upgrade.

So remember, you can make upgrades over time as well. While upgrading the base character, always replace the weakest stat with a better one, otherwise it may end up costing 10,000 LONA.

2. Level your Gear

Next up; level up your tools. To do that, log into your Discord server and click “new server”. Select the same title as last time and fill in the necessary details to create usernames. It’s best to change the name to avoid confusion. Next, select whether you want a solo experience or a group mode. Then choose your desired class, gender, hairstyle, skin tone, and hairstyle. I recommend keeping the selection simple as this will make it easier for you to identify your character. As long as your choice is okay with the game-play, then you are good to go. Now, head over to Equip and level your gear by using randomization. Just imagine that you go shopping to the store and put everything you want to buy in a bag to create the optimal configuration. Randomize it and see how far you get. Since each piece of jewelry has a specific weight in your hand, it is recommended to choose it randomly. You can even assign numbers to it if you’d prefer. After you’ve done that, you’re ready to move on to another step.

3. Build Skills

Now, the next step is to build up your skills. They’ll serve you well in battles when equipped properly. First, pick two random classes and stick with those that you like the most. Each class will require you to make skill selections from dozens of options. Don’t worry, I’m going to explain those choices later. However, if you’re unsure between some options because it seems too challenging for you then take the highest ranked class and work to eliminate those options. For instance, after taking Cure and Cinder, you may wonder; is it possible to combine them in the future? Well, yes, but it takes time, and it might happen multiple times throughout the whole process. On top of that, it is worth noting that some classes are exclusive and cannot be used together. Some others even allow you to mix them like Sangeen with Vampire and Witchblade with Paladin. That said, please make sure that these restrictions are well explained because sometimes they may not appear at first and you need to ask questions. Remember, each class gives you access to a variety of abilities and skills such as ranged attacks, parries, and heals, etc…

4. Boost Abilities

On top of the items previously mentioned, you should also pick up several boosts since you’re building up so many skills. Every single boost you choose is based on the ability it grants you. Therefore, choosing a higher rank booster could greatly strengthen your current set of abilities. Before choosing, make sure to research each booster that you plan to equip so you won’t waste time looking at a useless one. Take note, though, that the lowest ranking boosters cannot be upgraded. Sometimes, for example, Riku, Gennaro, Fueguise, and Moraysean all can be combined for maximum buffs and stronger capabilities. Not only that, the lower ranks tend also provide great bonuses. For instance, a 3rd Rank Vocation Swordman boosts itself by almost 30% of your max HP on any fight.

5. Summon

After having unlocked all the items and boosted your abilities, the last step is summoning. Depending on the circumstances, summoners are capable of drawing spells that directly affect the battlefield itself. Unlike sorcerers, who can focus solely on direct damage, summoningers can draw whatever spell they want, whether it is lightning or fire. Summoners can also heal themselves, so again, it varies depending on situation. Finally, summons can cause minor changes within environments or large scale events. Basically speaking, the major difference between summoning and spells is that summoningers usually deal mainly physical damage whereas spells use mostly metaphysical elements. That said, some of the spells can actually aid you in battle. If you are summoned by Chihiro (the strongest angel present), then a curse is unleashed against yourself, temporarily removing your immunity. That means you can expect intense pain. What I say is that summoning is similar to playing as a superhero since all the fights you do not need to worry about. For example, you do not need to be aware of your surroundings when making a full swing. Still, you do need to be smart and know how to counter attacks and block attacks before defeating opponents. Even more interesting is that summoning could be used as a distraction from battles, although you do have limited control over what spells can be drawn unless someone else chooses to use this as an advantage. Besides that, summoning was once considered a dangerous profession since demons and other supernatural entities used to summon people to kill them.

But wait, isn’t it scary? Oh sorry. Now it is. Because summoners are bound to attract quite a bit of attention. Especially if they appear in battle fields like arenas and tournaments that feature huge crowds of spectators. Thus, it’s best to make sure your character does not reveal too much of himself during the match. Make sure that your shield stays visible and that you don’t show too much cleverness. A decent strategy is to wear clothes that protect your body from being seen. The most commonly used outfits include long sleeved shirts, heavy boots, and gloves. Aside from that, you can also wear light, loose clothing that makes you look less intimidating and hides your appearance. Another thing to keep in mind is to dress casually and never wear flashy accessories like necklaces and earrings.

6. Defeating Monsters

Now, the worst thing you could do after conquering the Battle World is defeat your opponent. Unfortunately, that happens much too frequently. Thankfully, there’s another option and I’m pleased to offer you it. You guessed right it’s called fusing. Using fuse can significantly speed up the progression at least three folds compared to normal dungeons. From what I’ve researched, fuse increases enemy damage rates from 40%-100%. By combining fuse with other abilities, you essentially bypass weak areas altogether, thus giving yourself a chance for victory. Combine two characters’ abilities in fusion and you’ll also be able to unleash a total of five strong weapons. Speaking of strong weapons, you can also add a second-hand outfit into fusion. It might seem odd, or you might already have one prepared


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Final Fantasy 16 Release Date

Unfortunately, until Jan. 25, 2022, the game will not be purchasable. This is due to excessive congestion and queues during the release of the Endwalker expansion. So, downloading the client will not necessarily allow you to play the game right away. Free trials are also halted until that date.

It will be released as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5 in 2023. However, once that date has passed, you’ll be able to freely download and play Final Fantasy XIV using the client links above, with a free trial up to level 60. The free trial also includes all of A Realm Reborn and the first expansion, Heavensward.

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